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Electric Quilt Version 7 Upgrade

What’s included?

  •     2 reusable activations
  •     22 printable, full-color PDF lessons
  •     Fully-illustrated, downloadable User Manual PDF
  •     5,000 copyright-free block patterns
  •     5,000 scanned fabrics
  •     4,200 non-digitizable embroideries
  •     540 ready-made quilt layouts
  •     10 help videos targeted for beginners
  •     67 “How Do I?” topics
  •     Tools for working with quilts, blocks, and images
  •     Importing features for scanned fabric
  •     Exporting features for print-quality images

Dream ~ Design ~ Create

Electric Quilt 7 does it all. Quilts, Blocks and now PHOTOS! Includes all the design features of EQ5 & EQ6 plus all new design tools for beginning and advanced users.
New Activation Policy

You’ll never run out of EQ7 activations! Install on as many computers* as you like and quickly transfer activations from computer-to-computer. This new policy gives you complete freedom to manage your own activations — and no dongle to worry about!

*The product is a single-user license. The installations must be on the owner’s computers, not shared with a friend/relative.
Easier Than Ever!

It’s like having a teacher right there with you! Learn to use the software by watching the 10 videos targeted for beginners. Then go through the 22 printable, full-color PDF lessons for comprehensive, step-by-step lessons that show you how to design quilts, draw blocks, work with images, and print patterns.

See more details regarding the upgrade HERE