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Heat Transfer Foil 12" Wide Rainbow

Foil makes anything instantly fancy and flashy, with a beautiful metallic finish! You can use this heat transfer foil on clothing, fabric, and paper for a special occasion card. For fabric, use the Foil along with adhesive heat transfer vinyl, sold separately. Application Instructions for the Adhesive: Be sure to cut the design you wish to use, out of the Adhesive, this can then be applied to the fabric. Time, 3-5 seconds Temperature, 300°F/149°C Pressure, Light (20 psi) Peel, Hot After this has been applied, cover completely with the foil sheet, so as not to get any adhesive on the platen, then you can heat press the foil on. Application Instructions for the Foil: Place foil:, Make sure design is completely covered Cover: Place cover sheet over design Time: 8-10 seconds Temperature: 300°F/149°C Pressure: Firm (60-70 psi) Important: Allow foil to cool completely before removing