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Bernina L890 Overlock and Coverstitch Quilters Edition

BERNINA L 890 Quilters Edition – quilting with sergers

Take your creativity off the edge and explore texture with the many included accessories perfect for creating wonderful and precise quilts.

These unique extras are inclusive

    Quilt and Grow Pattern Book by Amanda Murphy
    Benartex Quilt Fabric Kit, designed by Amanda Murphy
    Mettler Piecing Thread Kit Silk-Finish Cotton 60
    Wonderfil Decorative Serging Thread Set
    Charlotte's Web Fusible Thread
    BIG Book of Serger Quilting
    BERNINA Overlocker Suitcase
    Decorative Spool Pin, Height Compensating Tools and Right/Left Seam Guides in Shaft
    Presser Feet #C12, #C24 and #C27
    Code for Bloom & Grow Course on BERNINA Skill Hub

Extra presser feet for extra creativity

Create decorative seams and hems
Shirring/gathering of light soft fabrics
Decorative sewing on fabric edges and in fabric

The included Coverstitch/Compensating Foot #C12, Shirring Foot #C24, and Clear Overlock/Combostitch Foot #C27 elevate the joy of quilting with their versatile features, enabling precise and decorative stitching on a variety of fabrics, from quilting layers to delicate materials.

An even bigger toolkit for endless possibilities

Unwind your threads optimally
Help when sewing over seams
Guide your fabric perfectly

Unleash your creativity with a treasure trove of even more included accessories such as the Decorative Spool Pin, the Height Compensating Tools and Right/Left Seam Guides in Shaft.

One-Step BERNINA Air Threader

Thread the machine by one simple step
Loopers are in the correct position
Threading that is actually fun

The threads are magically moved through the machine via one simple step on the foot control. So both hands remain free. The L 890 Quilters Edition automatically sets the loopers in the correct position for the air threader – no turning the handwheel or searching for the right position. Simply press the foot control and you're off!


Intuitive operation via Touch Screen

Centrally located Color Touch Screen
Sewing Consultant, Stitch Optimizer & helpful animations
Expert Mode or Guided Mode

Stitch selection, individual stitch settings & properties or memory – the Touch Screen has all available & allows you to make changes while sewing. Advanced users can apply all settings directly in Expert Mode, while the Guided Mode offers step-by-step instructions. Both modes automatically set the thread tension, stitch length and differential feed along with stitch selection.


Perfect seams due to Total Stitch Control

Save 100 Stitches in your Personal Memory
Adjust stitch length, differential feed & thread tension while sewing
Needle stop can be permanently set up or down

With the L 890 Quilters Edition you can change all settings individually and save up to 100 stitches in your Personal Memory. Also, stitch length, differential feed, thread tension, cutting width or any other stitch parameter can be adjusted while sewing. A simple turn of the mtc (Micro Thread Control) lets you modify the amount of overedge thread.


Convenient features you'll love

Raise or lower the needle by a half stitch
BERNINA Free Hand System (FHS) to raise and lower the presser foot
Swing out the presser foot to access the needles

By pressing the foot control with your heel, you can easily raise or lower the needle by a half stitch. The BERNINA Free Hand System (FHS) lets you raise and lower the presser foot with your knee, leaving both your hands free to guide the fabric.


Grand sewing space

5 5/8" to the right of the needle
Extension table included
Convenient freearm

The space offered on the L 890 is generous by any definition. It has more room to the right of the needle and more work space height than any other BERNINA overlocker/serger. Sew closed items with ease by simply sliding sleeves or cuffs over the convenient freearm.


Fast, precise & quiet

    Sew up to 1,350 stitches per minute
    Strong, consistent and precise at any speed
    Program and control speed via touch screen

Not only can you sew quickly, but you can also sew stitch-by-stitch, making the flawless production of precise lines and curves a simple process. Plus, you will enjoy how extremely quiet the BERNINA L 890 Quilters Edition sews. Program and control the maximum and minimum speeds via the color touch screen.


The perfect seam for every idea

    For all types of fabrics & threads
    Sew using either 2, 3, 4 or 5 threads
    For overlock, chain-/cover- & combo stitches

The L 890 Quilters Edition sews using 2, 3, 4 or 5 threads, providing the perfect seam for every design. From the stretchiest knits to the most loosely woven fabrics the L 890 QE has the perfect stitch for particularly highly elastic and knitted materials, and threads. Combine both overlock, cover- and chainstitches for extra durable seams using 4- or 5-thread combo stitches.


Quick threading

One-path threading
Color-coded threading path
Easily change from one stitch to another

Color-coded One-path threading enables you to easily switch between Overlock, Coverstitch or Combo stitches in no time at all. Every machine set-up and operation is supported with animations accessible on the Color Touch Screen.

TSP Included Perks:
Serger 101, complimentary unlimited times for life
Serger 102, complimentary and unlimited times for life
Coverstitch Into