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Bernina B435

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Meet The Bernina 4 Series, MADE FOR MAKERS.

Handmade. Hand crafted. Unique. Expressing yourself with skillfully stitched fabrics is an art. Whether you do that with a perfectly designed dress or a lovingly pieced together quilt, the result is the same – you are sharing a part of who you are. For over 125 years, BERNINA has been, and continues to be in awe of you and your craft. You are why quality matters. Your craft deserves machines that live up to your standards, surpass your expectations and help bring your creativity to life. These are those machines.

YOUR CREATIVITY. YOUR DECISIONS. Want to go where your creativity takes you without being limited? The B 480, B 475 QE and B 435 let you make all the creative decisions. Like choosing the stitch length and width or deciding the needle position. If you want the needle down when it stops, you can. And all that control is conveniently located at your fingertips on the large, intuitive touch screen.

FRONT-LOAD JUMBO BOBBIN FOR MORE SEW TIME. Fewer stops and starts is the result of a bigger bobbin that holds up to 70% more thread than standard bobbins. And since it is conveniently changed from the front, there’s no need to remove your project.

ACCESSORIES MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER. From feet to bobbins, a well-designed accessory makes your sewing life better. A variety of BERNINA presser feet or soles come standard on 4 Series machines, making it easy to do what you want to do. To keep them handy and organized, a nicely designed accessory case is included. The B 480 model even comes with a magnetic see-through accessory box. Feet aren’t the only accessory included. There’s a slide-on freearm table that adds spacious support around the needle. Four bobbins and a dust cover complete the smart accessory package.

STITCHES PLUS LETTERS PLUS MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE. When more options are what you want, a 4 Series machine is what you need. There’s a huge choice of sewing and decorative stitches as well as alphabets. These machines offer over 150 to 250 decorative stitches and up to 5 alphabets. And the B 475 QE is full of special quilting stitches. The choices are many and every one of them yours.

PERFECT TENSION MAKES PERFECT STITCHES. Every aspect of the stitch, both seen and unseen, is perfected with the optimal thread tensioning of a 4 Series machine. Achieve permanent control of the thread tension once it’s adapted to the thread and fabric. Even while sewing, the thread tension adjusts automatically. And the innovative BERNINA Hook keeps every stitch consistent and precise.

B435 Highlights

Sew perfect stitches with 5.5 mm stitch width
Jumbo bobbin for fewer interruptions
Front-load bobbin for easy thread changes
900 stitches per minute.
No more tedious threading
Keep calm and thread on
Needle threads fast and easy
The semi-automatic Needle Threader makes threading easier than ever.
Huge selection of stitches & alphabets
Three different alphabets
150 different decorative stitches
All this AND MORE!

BSR sold separately.

For more information, and a detailed comparison chart of the BERNINA 4 Series, please DOWNLOAD BROCHURE

TSP Included Perks:

15% discount on in store product for a year after purchase
Sewing Machine Essentials intro class, complimentary and valued at $ 90
Bernina intro class, complimentary and valued at $ 90.