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Repair & Maintenance

PLEASE NOTE: so that we can serve you best, please give us a call to schedule a time for your machine assessment, quick-fix or repair. From the scheduled drop off time, we will be able to let you know the turnaround time for your machine based on availability and the unique needs of your machine.

Formal machine estimates will need to be left for a more integral look to investigate to see if it is cost efficient to restore the machine. These estimates are usually only required for more serious examination such as dropped machines or insurance quotes for fire victims, etc.

An average full tune-up for a sewing machine takes about two hours (or two to three hours for a sewing/embroidery combination machine). Our technicians stand by the quality of the work that goes into our machine repairs.

When you bring your machine in for a full tune up, we warranty our work for one full year from the service completion date. However, if you just want a quick fix for a specific problem, our warranty only covers the work performed.

Service Rates

  • Full Service: $80.00 per hour for domestic machines
  • Multi Needle Embroidery Machines: $130 per hour
  • Multi Needle embroidery Machines Purchased from That Sewing Place: $90 Per Hour
  • Formal machine estimate: $45.00
  • Minimum bench charge: $30.00
  • Quick Fix: $30 per 15 minutes. Should the Quick fix take longer the 30 minutes, the flat rate is $80 per hour.
  • Virtual assistance $20 per 15 minutes

RUSH RATE: $50 per hour more then the standard rate for your type of requested service. Rush jobs are based on the availability of the technician. Why is the rush rate based on availability and so much more expensive? A rush rate means our technician will be working outside of hours, possibly even late at night to meet your deadline. This time could be spent with friends, family, or fishing. Time outside of work is precious and limited, which is why it comes at a premium. Thank you for understanding.