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Summertime...and the sewin' is easy!

 Sew Happy to be Sewing

How fast the summer flies by! We are approaching Autumn, and as much as we love it we aren't letting go of summer just yet!

Read on for some fun projects as always, some NEW PRODUCTS, and all sorts of other goodies!

August Shopping Updates
First off, it has been so nice to see you all again! We are still open for in store shopping at a limited capacity, and machine repairs are continuing on by appointment only. Any Questions on this, please don't hesitate to give us a call or email.

Annual August Family Vacation Closure

We will be closed from August 28, to September 6, 2021. We will be Open again with the same hours and procedure as we are currently on September 7, 2021.

During this time, we will not be open, even by appointment. This means we will not be answering phones, or emails until we return on September 7, 2021.

We look forward to spending time with our family, and soaking up some sun and we hope you have had time to do so, or will do so soon!

What's New?


Diane's Queen Bee Cardigan

Diane used Holographic HTV to create this wicked Faux Rhinestone design!

This is a really cool way to spice up a garment, and so easy! The HTV sparkles just like rhinestones, but is totally flat, so you don't even feel it there!

See Glitter and Holographic HTV HERE


Mermaid Hair, DON'T CARE!


We now carry Ultraweed Heat Transfer Vinyl! Check our these super cute mermaid shirts made by Diane with her Scan'N'Cut! But of course you can use it with any cutting machine you have :)

This Heat Transfer Vinyl is easy to cut, weed, and apply. It has give, but is not super stretchy, but does come in a variety of GORGEOUS colours.

Just when you thought it couldn't get better, it can be applied at low temperatures, which means it is super versatile for use on a wide variety of fabrics!

See Ultraweed HERE


Lea's Jean Jacket

Lea wanted to embellish her jacket, and picked this beautiful design to put on the back.

Purple of course, and all Gamut Embroidery Thread, their colour never disappoints!

Design: Fanciful Flight - from Urban Threads get it HERE



Welcome to two of the Creative Grids Rulers!

These rulers are really lovely to work with, and have a non-slip backing built in!

See 2 Peaks in 1 (left) -  HERE
See the 6" Flying Geese & 45/90 Degree Triangle (right) - HERE

BERNINA Canada has a new and improved website!

For all our BERNINA fans, go give them some love and check out their new website HERE!



Please Note, all classes are going to be held virtually unless otherwise posted.

Mystery Mandala Quilt - Barb

October 16, and Nov 13 from 10:30 - 1:30

In this class, Barb will walk you through step by step so that you come out with a quilt to be proud of! This is a two session class, which will have homework in-between sessions to complete.

**This class will be running virtually, AND in person, providing that is still permitted by public health. If you would like to register to take the class in person, please contact That Sewing Place and we will take care of that for you. Please note, in store spots are limited.**

Register HERE


Bathing Suit Cover Up Reschedule - Ute

WHEN: September 23, 2021 from 10AM - 12PM

Use your serger to make a beautiful Kaftan style bathing suit cover up. The cover up is made out of Batik so it is lights, and dries quickly.

You will come away having leveled up your skills with your serger, and be confidant to: make a rolled hem, turn corners like a boss, and start serging in the "middle of nowhere".

Please be sure to tune in 15 minutes prior to class beginning.

There are still a few spaces left!

Register HERE


Embroidery Intro for Brother Machines - Charmaine

WHEN: September 24, 9AM -12PM.

In this class you will learn the essentials of your embroidery machine. Threads & threading needles hooping & stabilizing how to navigate your machine access built-in designs (including text) as well as working with importing designs. Leave this class with the confidence to tackle all your upcoming projects.

Class fee is waived for embroidery machines purchased at That Sewing Place. If you have purchased your machine from That Sewing Place, please contact us and we will take care for registration for you!

Register HERE

Sewing Machine Essentials Brother, BERNINA, and Other Brands - Jaret

Brother class - September 14, from 10AM - 12 PM
BERNINA class - September 21, from 10AM - 12 PM
Other Brands Class - September 28, from 10AM - 12 PM

Sewing machine essentials is perfect for a new, or experienced sewist! In this class, Jaret goes over the Basics, and the not-so-basics of running your sewing machine, and everything you can do to keep it - and YOU happy!

This class is available for online registration, please be sure to pick the class that matches the brand of machine you have. There is a Sewing Machine Essentials class for Brother, BERNINA, and one for all other brands.

Class fee is waived for machines purchased at That Sewing Place. If you have purchased your machine from us, please contact the store and we will take care of registration for you.

Register for Sewing Machine Essentials - Brother HERE
Register for sewing machine essentials - BERNINA HERE
Register for sewing machine essentials - Other Brands HERE


Serger 101 - Jaret

WHEN - October 5, 2021 from 10AM  -12PM

Learn to confidently operate your serger by understanding the thread settings and how to make them work for you. Discover speed-threading techniques how to adjust your stitch settings to suit your sewing needs and serger maintenance.

Class fee is waived for machines purchased at That Sewing Place. If you have purchased your machine from us, please contact the store and we will take care of registration for you.

Register HERE


Heidi Pridemore Monster Tote

WHEN: September 13, 27 2021, from 5:30PM - 9PM

In this two-part class, you will make this Monster Tote, and one of the Terrible Trio Monsters. While making these adorable little monsters, you will learn techniques to tackle working with Minky and cuddle fabrics, as well as applique techniques!

The first half hour of the class is reserved for
attendees to enter the waiting room, and get ready to SEW!

Register HERE

Ask the Expert!

We got a great questions on repairs. As a Mom - or Dad, how many of you have had to fix an item of clothing? It can be really hard to fix an item and have it be durable after, or look the way you want it too, and even more rare to have both!

Hailey asked: "Hey Seam Team! I have an awkward tear in my kids' clothing. It is a woven fabric. How do I fix it so it's solid, and looks good too?"

"Hello Hailey! I totally understand the struggle. It really depends on the garment, and what kind of a tear. There are so many great ways to fix a tear, depending on what machine you have and how you want it to look.

First for a direct and easy fix, use a fusible interfacing like PRESTO on the inside of the tear to stabilize it. Then stitch over top with zig-zag, satin stitch or straight stitch even for a solid finish.

My Personal favourite is to embroider a patch, I usually use twilly, and you can stitch it onto the garment. It is a fun way to turn that tear into a happy accident, and personalize it at the same time.

Another fun way to embellish and mend at the same time is to use a contrasting thread, a piece of fun fabric places behind the tear, or after stabilizing the fabric, you could place an embroidered applique on. If you want to get really fancy, you can even add some rhinestones on there!

-Marlene -Fix-it Extraordinaire

Name That Tool?

This time its a double feature, because these two tools work so well together, and are both must-haves for embroidery.

Have you heard of Alligator Clamps and Button Clips? Not to be mistaken with medieval torture, they are absolutely AMAZING when assembling free standing lace projects.

You can use the Alligator clamps to pull through the little knobs on your project, and then use the button clips to hold them while you continue assembling the projects.

The button clips hold the pulled-through knobs perfectly in place while assembling!

See Alligator Clamps HERE
See Button Clips HERE


Until we have an opportunity to see you again! Stay healthy, stay safe!

Sew On and Sew Forth!


Jaret and The Seam Team

That Sewing Place
10-16610 Bayview Avenue
Newmarket, ON L3X 1X3